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danabookcoverThank you for joining us for this wonderful book tour.  Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question, win a door prize.

About The Author

While running a family and working at the traditional 9-5, Dana established this innovative event planning business in 2002.

Dana explains, “After a brief time away from presenting events, E.S.S.E.N.C.E. has come back with a great, new perspective on spirituality and how to give God all the glory in life and in business. It’s important for me to give my clients quality service together with exceptional character and consideration. It takes the right person to plan a perfect event. Over the years, I have developed patience when issues arise, completed research for exceptional vendors, and obtained wisdom on the constant industry changes.”

For more information about Dana Neal, visit her website at http://www.essenceofawomanevents.com

For A Preview and information about purchasing a copy, click here, http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/its-your-problem-now/7225538.

During this interview, Dana shared the following:

How long have you been an event planner?
9 years

How did you get started in event planning?
After a failed partnership, I had a successful themed fashion show.

What problems have you encuntered as a planner?
Every problem listed in “It’s Your Problem Now”

It’s your problem now, borders on humor as well as problematic; how did you choose how to wrote this e-book?
I wanted to give each event planner both sides of their career.  There are going be problems, but you have to look at how to solve them and laugh at them at the same time.

Now that you have written, It’s Your Problem Now, what is next?
It’s Your Problem Now 2.  There will always be more to learn when event planning.  As the economy changes and budgets get worse..an event planner will encounter more and more PROBLEMS.

Follow along with us and Dana on her next stop of her tour with i-Virtual Assist Book Tours.




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A Day of DIVA Fun 

It’s A Day of Fabulous Fun. YOU DESERVE IT! Girls, it’s always fun to play with makeup and take pictures. Bring your diva group, bridal party, ladies club, or just YOURSELF. 

You deserve it!  

Friday, June 19, 2009 2:00-6:00pm

The Spark Center
161 W. 22nd Street
Bet 6th & 7th Ave
New York, NY  10011 

Beauty Makeovers at our Makeup Bars
Vendors To Shop
Door Prizes
FREE Raffles and Swag Bags filled w/Goodies
Mingle and Chat 

 Refreshments for everyone!

Group Rates Available


Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Beauties On The Go Teen L.U.V.E. Program, visit them at www.beautiesonthego.ning.com

Alba Henderson


HARLEM SAT June 20, 2009 6:15pm

Oberia D. Dempsey Center
127 W. 127th St.
Harlem, NY 10027

A Piece of Me is an dramatic, comedic, and inspirational stage play that will make you think, laugh, and cry as you see real life (yours or someone you know) played out on the stage. The refusal to forgive, infidelity, alcoholism, homelessness, honesty and the allegations of physical and incestuous sexual abuse are all dealt with…and somewhere in that lies a piece of YOU.

A Piece of Me was birthed out of writer/producer/director Jermaine Smith’s personal testimony. The hesitancy to forgive his mother for her many years of substance abuse has developed into a stage play that has mentored to thousands (all the while, bringing 79 souls to the Body of Christ) in just only 37 shows thus far. Jermaine’s mother has since found God and is delivered from drugs. www.theartermania.com

(Search: a piece of me) or 2123523101 Adv. Tix: $20 Door: $30

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How New Business Owners Can Use Linked In

Even if you aren’t new to Linked In, you may not know of these ways to use the site. Below is an outline of what you can do on Linked In. Have you set up your profile? You can add a little extra in your Headline than just your position.

You can add a longer headline and include everything you do, your headline acts as keywords and you will come up in searches for those keywords. Why should you add your educational and previous job background? Because this makes it easier for people you have lost touch with to contact you. They may also be able to give you a recommendation which improves your profile.

Speaking of Recommendations, have you written any? You can write recommendations for people you know as well as ask for one.

Have you added any applications? There are several useful apps on Linked In. I like to use the Event App, so I can be updated on new events in my network. You can also add links to your blog. This way, visitors to your page can see what is new with you. There are several apps to choose from.

Are you building connections? You can send invites to people in your email account or you can ask for connections through Linked In. If you are in the same group as someone it’s easy to ask for a connection. However, if you really want to have a worthwhile connection than add a note with your request, stating WHY you want to connect.

Sending the generic connection request will not give you a great first impression. People want to know why you would be a good contact. Also, sending a note along with your request shows that you aren’t just building the image of a large network, but shows that you really want to connect with that person. Did you get an Invite that you aren’t sure about accepting? You have the option to Archive any request. This will save the requested invite in your mail box under archives. You can connect later or not at all.

Have you joined a group? If not then go to the search tab, type in a keyword or two and search for groups. You can search for groups in your industry, city, region, state, past jobs and education. Once you’re in a group get involved. Your first post can be an introduction about yourself and what you do. You can also post business advice, resources or answer and ask questions. The best discussions are ones that get others involved.

Do you prefer to use Twitter a certain way or do you have a favorite local networking group? If so add a discussion about that topic and use the last sentence to ask for others to give their opinion or advice. Have you used the News area? You can post links to great articles in this section. Add others articles and add your own. If you wrote a great article than post it. Is it appropriate in multiple groups? If so then go ahead and repost it. You will get more exposure that way. Once you have mastered the groups how about starting one yourself? Start a group around your area, your expertise or both.

Would you like to know more about marketing in your region? Then start a group specifically for that. When choosing a name, try one that has specific keywords. Now you need to find members for your group. You can set the group to open membership or require people to apply for the group. Send an announcement to your contacts about the new group. Write a post about the group and share this in groups you already belong to.

Is there someone you want to connect with, but don’t share a group or know their email address? Ask for a connection. When you go to a profile, you can see how a person is connected to you. If you have a mutual connection, you can ask that person to introduce you.

Social networking is not rocket science, but it does require learning the rules. It is very similar to in person networking. You don’t want to come across as pushy and your posts should reflect your business in a professional manner.

Written by Leah Oviedo of Investing In Women, http://iiwomen.com

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Do you need to reach women consumers, or more specifically women who are in control of their finances? Advertising is still an important way to get people to buy from you. Many websites have lowered their rates and now is the time to lock into some great deals on advertising.

I have compiled a list of popular sites that allows you to advertise to thousands of women across the US for low prices. All of these sites cost less than $200 a year to advertise your business. When you advertise on the following sites your business will be in front of women who regularly use these sites to network and grow their business. We’ll start with;

 Investing In Women, a business resource site geared to women entrepreneurs. They have 2000+ visitors each month. Mention this article and get 3 banner ads for $89 a year. http://iiwomen.com/Sponsor/index.htm

Beauties on the Go, a womens inspirational resource network. They have over 350 members. Mention this article and receive a 160 X 130 network site banner & 325×245 main site banner for only =$75/6 months. http://www.beautiesonthego.com/advertise.html

Online Shopping Mall, the ultimate gathering place for shoppers and merchants. They have over 300 members and offer button ads for just $3 a month. http://onlineshoppingmall.ning.com/page/advertise-1

Katy Did Designs Newsletter, business & marketing tips geared towards artists and crafters. They have 675 subscribers and charge $25 for a 3 month ad. http://katydid-designs.com/Newsletter.html

Advertising on these sites has the added benefit of showing that you care about and support women business owners.

Leah Oviedo is CEO and Founder of Invest In Women.

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Coming Soon!

Your Focus Shopping VA Style page coming soon!  Shop great products and services!

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